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May 6th It Is

If this Guardian report is to be believed (and it seems that it is), British prime minister Gordon Brown will tomorrow formally fix the date of the upcoming general election for May 6th.

The Guardian report includes details of some promises (or should that be threats?) to be included in the Labour manifesto. These include lowering the voting age to 16, the formation of a “national youth service,” and an undertaking to hold a referendum on fixing the voting system in a way that will weigh even more heavily against the Tories (although that’s not how Labour puts it…) than the current system already does. Gordon Brown plays for keeps.

The Guardian also cites a new poll showing that Labour has (again) narrowed the gap with the Conservatives. Other polls have been more encouraging for the Tories. Statistically the best bet is for a “hung” parliament (in which no party has an overall majority), but somehow I suspect that the Tories will eke out a narrow majority. Time will tell.


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