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Maybe We Should Outlaw Humor?

The “humorless leftist ideologue” is a stereotype — one to which Glenn Greenwald evidently aspires.

The Obama administration has used drones to kill “more than 300 people in the past 12 months.” Those killed are believed to be terrorists but, clearly, they were not prosecuted and convicted before the death sentence was imposed.

Yet, let a terrorist actually try to blow up a plane and suddenly he becomes a “suspect,” who “allegedly” tried to blow up a plane.

In addition, the Obama administration insists on closing Guantanamo and continues to release detainees from there — despite the fact that dozens have returned to the jihad after being set free, not least in Yemen where  Gitmo graduates are now top al-Qaeda commanders.

There seemed to me some irony in all this, which I attempted to sum up in a very few words on The Corner yesterday:

A Bipartisan Proposal   [Cliff May]

Step (1): Return all Gitmo detainees to Yemen.

Step (2): Use Predator missiles to strike the baggage-claim area 20 minutes after they arrive.

Just an idea.

In response, Glenn Greenwald at Salon fumes:

It’s well known in Yemen that we’re imprisoning numerous innocent Yemenis at Guantanamo, which — like much of what we do — substantially helps Al Qaeda).  But Cliff May thinks we should take them all, including all the innocent ones, and just slaughter them — and do so in the most cowardly way possible:  by dropping a missile on them from the air while they’re standing there, unarmed and unsuspecting.

He does add:

If he suggested this murderous proposal only in humor, that’s so warped it might actually be worse.

Ahh, so through the ideological haze Greenwald does recognize that this may not have been a policy White Paper — perhaps he read Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” in college long ago? — but, if so, he condemns such parody with righteous indignation!

Does Greenwald not worry about getting arthritis from spending so much time striking moral poses?

Clifford D. MayClifford D. May is an American journalist and editor. He is the president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a conservative policy institute created shortly after the 9/11 attacks, ...


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