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On 60 Minutes last night, Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, announced his desire to become mayor of New York City in the future. Dorsey is close friends with the current mayor, Michael Bloomberg, and acknowledged the allure of following the billionaire-buying-an-election pathway.

However, as befits the CEO of Twitter, he’s not exactly the best at real person-to-person interactions: “I guess my natural state would be through mediation of letters or through texts, all those mediums, I definitely find ease with. But do I appreciate as much as face-to-face communication? No. Do I feel like I’m an expert in having a normal conversation face-to-face? Absolutely not. That’s just not my natural state.”

Also, Dorsey might want to move to New York City from his current home in San Francisco if he’s actually serious about running. Is New York City’s mayoralty becoming the new status symbol for bored billionaires?

Via Gothamist.


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