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Mayor in Town Besieged by Migrants Accosted by Activists

Protesters in support of illegal immigration ambushed Lynn, Mass., Mayor Judith Kennedy after she left a closed-door meeting. Massachusetts House Minority Leader Brad Jones called a fact finding meeting in his office that included the mayor and other elected officials, county sheriffs, and federal immigration officers, according to

When the mayor left the meeting, the protesters accosted her. “You see that family here,” says activist Patricia Monte. “They are not criminals. You are talking about them.”

Kennedy immediately responded asking when she had ever referred to members of Lynn’s immigrant community as “criminals.” “Wait a minute, wait a minute, tell me when I ever accused them of being criminals,” Kennedy said.

After the altercation, Kennedy told MassLive activists have also accused her of racism. “If people understood that this from the city of Lynn’s perspective is a purely economic issue; when I have an increase of 10 percent in my school system of new kids that’s more resources that I have to direct to our school system,” Kennedy said. “Lynn doesn’t have that money.”

National Review Online first reported how local officials discovered adult illegal immigrants had begun posing as unaccompanied alien children and were attempting to enroll in public high schools in the city of Lynn. 


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