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Judges Get ‘Borked’ and Now Professors Will Get ‘McAdamsed’

The ongoing battle between the authoritarian administration at Marquette University and the tenured political-science professor it wants to get rid of because of things he wrote has hit a Wisconsin court. The judge recently granted Marquette’s motion to dismiss, siding with the university’s argument that it gave Professor John McAdams “fair procedures” and therefore the court should defer to its decision that tenure and academic freedom notwithstanding, McAdams must be punished.

I cover the story’s background and the court’s ruling in today’s Martin Center article.

If the decision stands (and it will be appealed), it would open up a new avenue for zealous leftists to attack faculty members they don’t like. Just find writings that offend some protected group (in this case, a young female teaching assistant who brushed off a student who asked why the class would not discuss gay marriage, informing him that the question was settled and to bring it up would be harmful to gay students), then begin procedures to strip the malignant professor of tenure and employment.

“Watch what you say” becomes the guiding principle at colleges and universities where the president cares more about keeping the Left happy than with defending free speech.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.

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