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McAuliffe Opens up Gov’s Mansion: ‘Sixty Parties in 60 Days’

Terry McAuliffe made a successful career out of schmoozing, and he’s hoping to carry that approach into the Virginia governor’s mansion. ”Sixty parties in 60 days!” the new Democratic governor announced in an effort to win over state lawmakers during the legislature’s session.

The Washington Post reports McAuliffe has replaced the residence’s on-tap alcohol with top-shelf liquor and microbrews; under his predecessor, Bob McDonnell, the mansion served only Virginia-sourced products, but one Republican state senator said McAuliffe told him he’s “not closed to the idea of serving libations” from elsewhere. Along with the nightly functions, the former Democratic mega-fundraiser will also serve daily breakfasts.

McAuliffe hopes the receptions, which he is paying for at his own expense, will help create a chumminess with Republicans who have been hesitant to warm up to him. Earlier this week, top Republicans criticized McAuliffe for not offering constructive input and largely staying away from legislative issues, and these parties only confirm previous impressions of McAuliffe.

“I’ve never seen anyone so slow to get started,” state house majority leader M. Kirkland Cox told the Post. “There seems to be an event over there every night. I’m not sure I’ve seen much else going on.”


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