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McCain on Al Qaeda Tape

“The purported release of another propaganda audio tape from Osama bin Ladin’s lieutenant, Ayman al-Zawahiri, should remind us that this is no time for retreat in the face of the terrorist enemy.  In Iraq, the surge of forces, which I had advocated for many years, has significantly ripped up al Qaeda’s terrorist network operating there.  Far from the war being ‘lost,’ as the Senate Majority Leader claimed, General Petraeus and our forces continue to make progress in Iraq.  Today, U.S. and Iraqi forces are the offensive, not the terrorists.  We must remain on offense in Iraq, in Afghanistan and across the globe.  With the enemy on the run, this is no time for Democrats in Congress to deny our forces the funds they need to sustain combat operations against the terrorists by listening to  Congress should approve the war funds quickly without withdrawal timelines to send a clear message back to Zawahiri and his terrorist network: We will defeat you.”


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