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McCain-Bennett 2008

An e-mail:

Dear Kathryn,

You were the first to suggest this ticket, I think. I just saw Bill Bennett at the Reagan Library. He was truly first rate. He was witty and wise. He has genuine charisma.


I think we’re suffering from a real enthusiasm gap. And the less I know about McCain’s inner circle, the better it is. Schwarzenegger veterans at the helm does not fill any of us with confidence.


Bennett is the original Reagan Democrat. He has far more relevant experience than Barack does. He could take the fight to Obama in a tough, disciplined way and let McCain stay above the fray.


I think Bennett is right: Bill Ayres is even more problematic than Jeremiah Wright. Ayres is a criminal.


Bennett would be the first pro-life Catholic on a national ticket since Sargent Shriver. And he also has a good rapport with Dr. Dobson. He might even be the ice breaker between those two. I heard on his broadcast that his wife Elayne even wore John McCain’s name on her POW bracelet in high school.


We’ve all been over the lists of potential running mates a hundred times. There’s none that excites any of us that much. If any of the also-rans had had broad appeal, he would have been the nominee.

He adds:

One more thing on Bennett. He would be inoculated against the charge of racism if he were McCain’s running mate and really pounded on Barack. This is because Bennett led the effort to draft Gen. Powell for President in 1996.

Bennett has an unmatched record of caring more about the concerns of black America than any white political figure since Hubert Humphrey. Education, drugs, family breakdown, marriage, place of religion in society, Bennett shares the views of millions of black Americans.


And Barack doesn’t. Bennett can point this out with intelligence and tenacity.

He will know what not to stress, as well.

My Bennett for veep piece was from back in December

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