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McCain Captures Oenophile Vote

I’m told this is good wine by a friend; however, the marketing is most interesting: “2008 National Convention Celebration Reserve” to be “enjoyed for the ultimate celebration — or collected in honor of — the nomination of the 44th President of the United States.” What really got me was the description of the wine on the back of the label:

The grapes were some of the finest in Sonoma — grown in the turbulent summer of 2007 — crushed in the fall as a phoenix rose from the desert and a path to victory was established.

Our wine aged in oak, amidst surprise in New England, victory in the sunshine state, a toast in the promised land, and February presumption with old, yet distant, friends.

Though his name is nowhere on the bottle, somebody thinks McCain’s unlikely campaign trajectory is inspiring enough to sell fine wine. Whether it’s enough to sell voters on McCain…


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