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McCain & FISA: Significant Developments and Opportunities

I’m grateful to McCain spokesman Doug Holtz-Eakin for his thoughtful answer to the questions on surveillance reform I posted last week.

I’ve responded in an “>article on the homepage today. In my humble opinion, the McCain camp’s response is extremely significant in that it not only full-throatedly supports the surveillance reform being blocked by House Democrats; it marks a welcome evolution on the Senator’s thinking about executive power — bringing him more into line with prior administrations and influential federal court decisions which concede presidential power under Article II of the Constitution to order warrantless surveillance when the United States is threatened.

As I argue (again) today, Sen. McCain’s likely opponent and House Democrats — who are elevating the interests of trial lawyers over public safety — are extremely vulnerable on this issue. He should be going after them on it, relentlessly. It’s not only good politics – it’s the path to needed reform.


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