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McCain: ‘For God’s Sake,’ Can’t the U.S. Help the Ukrainians Defend Themselves?

White House sources have indicated that the introduction of American arms into the conflict between Ukraine and Russia could exacerbate tensions, but Arizona senator John McCain thinks it’s necessary regardless. “For God’s sake,” he said on CBS’s Face the Nation, “can’t we help these people defend themselves? This is not an incursion, it’s an invasion.”

To host Major Garrett’s question whether Ukraine and Russia are in a war, McCain answered: “I think from the Ukrainian standpoint you would say that. [Putin] is accomplishing a land bridge all the way to Crimea, and he may threaten Moldova and the Baltics if he continues to succeed.”

“[This] is a conflict that requires our participation, not through American ground troops, but our participation and our help and our leadership, and that is what seems to be missing,” the senator said.


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