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McCain: Kindest Word I Can Use for Obama’s Foreign Policy Is ‘Feckless’

While some of the problems facing the country are outside of President Obama’s control, he has failed to adequately address global threats such as the Islamic State and Russia, allowing them to grow into even larger threats, says Senator John McCain (R., Ariz.).

“This is not like the earthquake in San Francisco — all of this could be avoided,” he said on Fox News Sunday, referring to Sunday morning’s 6.0 earthquake in California.

McCain remained optimistic that stronger language about next steps against the Islamic State from members of the Obama administration, such as Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Secretary of State John Kerry, would serve as a precursor to taking out the terrorist group, but said the administration’s track record suggests otherwise.

“This is an administration which — the kindest word I can use is feckless, where they have not outlined a role the United States has to play, and that’s a leadership role,” he said. “The president has to understand that America must lead, and when America hasn’t, a lot of bad things happen.”


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