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McCain Launches First Ad Attacking Kirkpatrick

Senator John McCain’s campaign launched its first ad of the cycle today, attacking his Democratic opponent, Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, for supporting Obamacare. 

The ad attacks Kirkpatrick for saying she is “proud” of her vote for Obamacare. It could be a potent attack in Arizona, a state that is experiencing some problems with its health-care exchange. Last month, UnitedHealthcare announced it would leave Arizona’s Affordable Care Act marketplace, and Blue Cross Blue Shield said it was considering a similar move. If both large insurers were to leave, it would severely limit health-insurance options for Arizonans — especially those in rural areas.  

“While Kirkpatrick’s ‘proud’ of putting us at risk, John McCain is leading the fight against Obamacare,” a female narrator intones in the ad. 

The McCain campaign has put $120,000 behind the ad, which begins running today in the Phoenix media market and will be on the air for about a week. This is the first ad the McCain campaign has run this cycle, and a spokeswoman says they plan to remain on the air through the primary on August 30. 

McCain could face an unexpectedly tough reelection this cycle if Donald Trump’s unpopularity with Hispanics and women help turn out Democratic voters. Kirkpatrick has already begun working to tie McCain to Trump’s most controversial statements. This ad attempts to turn the tables on Kirkpatrick, tying her to President Barack Obama and the much-maligned health-care law he pushed through. 


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