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McCain Strains

While Senators Obama and Clinton tussle for the popular vote among Democrats, John McCain easily cracks the 75 percent barrier in Oregon (where Huckleberry wasn’t on the ballot) and comes decently close to it in Kentucky:

Republican candidate John McCain was the clear winner in KY with 72% of the vote and 42 delegates; Mike Huckabee followed up with 8% (16,239 votes) and Congressman Ron Paul at 7% (13,439 votes).

As of now, about 86% of the precincts have reported their results for the state of Oregon.

Barack Obama has the lead in Oregon with 58% of the vote and 21 delegates thus far; Hillary Clinton is about 16% behind with 42% of the vote and 14 delegates.

As for the Republicans in Oregon, Ron Paul faired much better in the Beaver State: Paul got 45,114 votes so far, claiming 15% of the vote – though still about 70% behind Senator John McCain.

The state of Oregon did not have Republican candidate Mike Huckabee on the ballot, as Huckabee willingly withdrew from the presidential race.

Latest I’ve heard from Revolutionary Ron is that he wants to prevent the GOP Convention from being “boring.” That may prove only a tad less difficult than getting the nomination, but good luck anyway Ron!


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