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McCain Warns Bachmann

She is acting “sort of like Senator Obama did.”

Over in the House, “I am told that it is very difficult,” McCain says. “There are Republicans who are committed, like Michele Bachmann, to vote against raising the debt limit under any circumstances.” Bachmann, he warns, is acting “sort of like Senator Obama did.”

In 2006, then-senator Obama refused to lift the debt limit. Speaking on the floor, Obama ascribed his opposition to the “failure” of George W. Bush to address the country’s fiscal problems.

McCain has little patience for such posturing. He tells me that political disagreement with the president — any president — should not jeopardize the credit rating of the United States.

“What some of my colleagues on the Republican side don’t understand is that sometime before August 2, the markets would start reacting in a negative fashion,” McCain says. “Sure, we might be able to divert funds from one pot to another to keep things going, but that’s not what the president is going to do.”

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