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McCain’s Long Arming of POTUS/VPOTUS

The problem I have had with John McCain through most of his more recent career is that his idea of being a maverick is simply joining with his political adversaries to tell his own supporters to go to hell — and I’m not talking about the Hilton family here. His support for the Iraq surge is one notable exception where he has been more of a leader against popular opinion for what is right, rather than a leader of a mob against his own base (see, e.g., McCain-Feingold, detainee policy, etc.). But if last week was a good week for McCain’s press strategy in that it drew the spotlight on his opponent (while perhaps eliciting a wickedly funny response from Paris), this week has begun with a clang.

McCain’s new “Broken” ad claims that “we’re worse off than we were four years ago,” a fairly open slap at the President’s economic leadership which feeds right into Bill McGurn’s concerns from his WSJ column yesterday. McCain brags of taking on “drug companies” and “BIG OIL” (not sure who he thinks will do the offshore drilling he is calling for, but hey, who am I to quibble?). And there are reports that the Vice President will not be invited to set foot on the premises during the McCain convention. I’ve got it on good background sources that those reports are not entirely true. But if it isn’t the case, why doesn’t McCain simply say so himself and put it to rest.

There is no honor in disrespecting the sitting Vice President of the United States, or leaving him hanging out there for even a news cycle. So how about it, Mav?

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