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McCain’s Service

From my Airpower Guy:


I just read Pete Hegseth’s post on the latest attack on McCain’s 

wartime experiences and the meme that his national security experience 

is “sadly limited” by his Vietnam POW experience.


First, having been a career Naval aviator, the POW stint being just a 

portion of said career, (22 years’ worth–longer than Obama has been a 

Senator, a lawyer, Hell, almost longer than he’s been a legal adult), 

I’d say his national security experience is a tad more hands-on than 


Second, as the ranking minority member of the Senate Armed Services 

Committee, I’d imagine he’s been delving into the ins and outs of how 

this country goes about protecting itself militarily (For his 

willingness to really get in the DoD’s knickers, see: Air Force, 

tanker fleet, USAF leadership heads rolling down Pentagon hallways, et 


Third, if these guys think the Swift Boat thing was bad, just wait 

until you get some former POWs mad enough to come out of defilade.

Having been mentored as a young attack pilot by people who had been 

beaten so badly they thought they’d been paralyzed, had their arms 

tied so tightly behind their backs and suspended from ceilings so that 

their sternums split lengthwise, been deprived of every conceivable 

aid for wounds suffered in battle and then tortured to the point of 

temporary insanity, I can tell you they are not a candy-assed bunch of 

shuffle-board playin’ old timers.

I can’t wait to see the first Medal of Honor winner POW alumnus come 

up on the net and take these clowns apart. Granted, the MSM is so in 

the bag for their candidate that the guys will have a harder time 

breaking through the defensive shields but if the lads of the 4th 

Allied POW Wing (yes, there is such a thing) get some exposure the 

Great Unraveling may completely eclipse Kerry’s humiliation in 2004. 

One can only hope…



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