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McCall, McKissick, & McCain McControversy

Yesterday, Freddoso noted that Glen McCall was running to be Republican National Committeeman from South Carolina. If elected McCall would be the first black Committeeman from South Carolina.

Well, today a South Carolina political blog has put up photos of the car of McCall’s opponent, sitting South Carolina Committeeman Drew McKissick. On the back there’s a bumper sticker that reads “Who would Osama vote for?”

Pretty tame stuff, I know. But given the McCain campaign’s strictly high-road approach to the campaign so far — they let go of an aide for merely twittering a link to a video about Obama and Rev. Wright — they certainly can’t tolerate a prominent RNC member saying things like this either. If they’re at all consistent and they have been so far, the campaign will probably have to either endorse McCall or condemn McKissick before the election Saturday. And obviously, McCain’s seal of approval should have a big impact on the outcome.


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