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McCall Wins South Carolina RNC Committeeman

I discussed the race earlier in the week, but just to follow-up — Glenn McCall was elected the RNC committeeman from South Carolina. He’s the first black G.O.P. committeeman since the 1950s. According to one of Soren Dayton’s sources at The Next Right he gave a terrific speech at the state convention:

He gave a hell of a speech this AM at the Convention about how compassionate conservatism doesn’t mean more spending, it means going into crisis pregnancy centers in the black community, about going to NAACP meetings and explaining why our party best represents the interests of black people. He talked about being willing and able to say things about Barack Obama’s vision for America that nobody else can without being called a racist, and that is not that Obama’s a bad person but that his vision for America is too radical and too liberal.


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