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McCaskill Stands Firm Against Repeal

Building off of Bob’s earlier post, I would add that another Democrat up in 2012, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) also remains firmly opposed to Obamacare repeal in the wake of Monday’s ruling.

Speaking to reporters this afternoon, McCaskill conceded that the current law could be improved, but accused Republicans of intentionally dragging out the debate over health-care reform for political gain.

“Making this bill better should not be a ‘gotcha’ moment,” she said. “That’s the irony here. It’s almost as if the other side doesn’t want to get it repealed, doesn’t want it to get fixed because they are so intent on this being the only thing that they win elections with.”

“No wonder the American people feel that we’ve all lost our minds out here,” she adds. “That rather than fix it, [Republicans would try to] use it as a political sledgehammer.”

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