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McCaul on Homeland-Security Nominee: ‘I Don’t Want a Political Hack in That Position’

Homeland Security Committee chair Michael McCaul expressed serious concerns over President Obama’s pick to replace Janet Napolitano. He worried that Jeh Johnson, the nominee for Homeland Security secretary, could just be “a yes-man” for the president.

“This guy’s going to have to earn our respect,” McCaul said on Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning.

McCaul suggested others who he thought better suited for the job, such as New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly or Boston’s Ed Davis because of their experience with state and local law enforcement. Johnson has previously served as general counsel of the Department of Defense.

“I would’ve liked to have had a guy that’s not [sic] on-the-job training,” McCaul said. “I don’t want a political hack in that position.”

Johnson’s confirmation hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, and while McCaul said he would give Johnson “the benefit of the doubt,” he still holds reservations.

McCaul penned an op-ed on Johnson and other issues facing the department in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.

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