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McConnell Gets a Round of Applause at CPAC (with a Gun in Hand)

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who’s facing a primary challenge this year from Kentucky businessman Matt Bevin, received a warm welcome at the Conservative Political Action Conference. McConnell took the stage at the gathering of conservative activists, donors, media figures, and politicians with a rifle in hand.

The crowd was a bit bewildered by McConnell’s appearance — it wasn’t announced that he was giving it to his Senate colleague Tom Coburn to recognize the latter’s receipt of the NRA’s “Courage Under Fire” award.

In his remarks, McConnell talked up his diligent efforts in Washington to resist the Obama administration’s efforts. For instance, he joked, ”I’ve spent so much time over at the Supreme Court trying to stop these guys that I’m practically on a first-name basis with the bailiff.”

“If I’m given the opportunity to lead the United States Senate next year, I won’t let you down,” McConnell said. (If Republicans pick up six seats this fall and McConnell wins reelection, he will become Senate majority leader.)

Patrick Brennan was a senior communications official at the Department of Health and Human Services during the Trump administration and is former opinion editor of National Review Online.


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