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McConnell on Biden’s Cabinet

Some reporters and pundits have speculated that Mitch McConnell might block some Biden executive-branch nominees from making it to the Senate floor, but the Senate majority leader says in an interview with Scott Jennings that they will each get an up-or-down confirmation vote from the full Senate:

“They (Biden’s nominees) aren’t all going to pass on a voice vote, and they aren’t all going to make it, but I will put them on the floor,” McConnell said. Two Biden nominees who face a tough road are Neera Tanden, a hyper-partisan Democratic operative (with detractors on the right and left) nominated for director of the White House Office of Management and Budget; and Xavier Becerra, nominated for secretary of Health and Human Services with an extremist, pro-abortion record that most Senate GOP’ers can’t stomach.

That means that even if Republicans win both Senate seats in Georgia, any controversial Biden nominee would be confirmed in 2021 with the support of two Republican senators (such as moderates Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins), all 48 Democratic senators, and the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Harris.


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