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McConnell Primary Opponent Bevin Confuses Bill of Rights, Constitution

Asked about Article V of the Constitution, Kentucky GOP senate candidate Matt Bevin began talking about the Fifth Amendment at an event yesterday:

“Playground antics is all Mitch McConnell has left. Voters are turning against his big government record of raising the debt ceiling, bailing out Wall Street and now opposing efforts by Senators Lee and Cruz to defund Obamacare,” responded Bevin spokeswoman Sarah Durand.

The clip was posted online from the Mitch McConnell campaign. From a news account of the event yesterday, it appears Senator McConnell sent his campaign manager Jesse Benton to debate Bevin instead of coming himself. From

U.S. Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager, Jesse Benton, and GOP challenger Matt Bevin served up the sharpest exchanges of the 2014 U.S. Senate race Tuesday at Constitution Day ceremonies at the University of Kentucky.

Bevin claimed that Benton and McConnell are “devolving this race into an eighth-grade name-calling contest.” He said he wants McConnell, “instead of sending surrogates, to debate me on any issue at any time right here on the University of Kentucky.”

Benton then peppered Bevin with specific questions “to show what you do and do not know” about being a U.S. senator. They included how many articles there are in the U.S. Constitution, what Article 5 says and what the three rebel factions in Syria are. Bevin was not able to answer Benton’s questions and said Benton was trying to “play gotcha.”

“What is important is who is most capable of representing this state,” Bevin said.

Benton accused Bevin of uttering “grand platitudes.” He said Bevin reminded him “of a really angry guy. I don’t want him close to the panic button.” Bevin said he is serious, not angry. 


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