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McDermott: Dems ‘Proud’ to Run on Obamacare in 2014

Amid recent criticism of the law, Obamacare will remain a key part of Democrats’ campaign efforts in this year’s midterms, says Representative Jim McDermott (D., Wash.). He indicated that Democrats will couple the embattled health-care law with a minimum-wage increase as part of a “two-pronged approach.”

“For the first time, many people have health care and that’s going to be an issue that Democrats, I think, can run on and be very proud of,” McDermott told MSNBC on Thursday. “The other side’s going to have a hard time explaining why it isn’t good for people to have health insurance and be protected against previous problems they’ve had and getting their children covered.”

He argued that covering more people would have limited benefits if there wasn’t a minimum-wage increase. “People will be healthier, but they won’t have any money to spend,” he said.