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McGovern in Hospice

I see that George McGovern has been moved to a hospice, presumably because the 90-year-old former B-24 pilot, winner of the Distinguished Flying Cross, senator, and presidential candidate is coming to the end of his life. 

I mention McGovern in my column today, but now would like to add that as much as I believe it would have been terrible for the country if he had won in 1972, I do have great respect for him. We’ve met a few times and I’ve always found him to be a gentleman. What a contrast to the sneering, snarling Joe Biden. McGovern and I have corresponded a bit over the years. He read some of my columns and offered his views, sometimes agreeing and sometimes not, but always polite and agreeable. He was that rare thing in politics — someone for whom the truth mattered.

He once tried his hand at running a bed and breakfast and was appalled by the government regulation that made running a business so difficult. He was honest enough to say that if he had known this before serving in Congress, it would have altered his votes on a number of issues. 

The last time I saw him was at Bill Buckley’s funeral. Of course he would pay his respects. 

George McGovern is a fine person, and I salute him, and have him and his family in my prayers at this time.


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