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One of the great frustrations of the Bush administration was that for someone who so emphasized that he was commander-in-chief and a war-time leader, Bush was very slow to make the personnel changes necessary to succeed. To his enormous credit, President Obama has moved quickly to over-haul our leadership on the ground in Afghanistan as we implement the surge, most dramatically now with the ouster of Gen. McKiernan. What you hear from knowledgeable people about McKiernan is captured in this statement by Gen. Keane in the LA Times (read the entire report–very instructive): “Gen. McKiernan is a good man, but he was the wrong man at the wrong time. What the war needs is a new strategy and a new plan.” With Gen. McChrystal and his deputy Gen. Rodriguez, Obama has moved with admirable swiftness on that essential insight.

UPDATE: Sorry, just see now that this point has already been made here.


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