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McMorris Rodgers: I Don’t Personally Support Pathway to Citizenship

As the immigration debate begins to heat up amid reports of an amnesty push from Republican leaders, some are still hesitant about granting illegal immigrants citizenship, including Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

“I’m not personally in favor of citizenship,” McMorris Rodgers, who gave the GOP State of the Union response, told CNN on Wednesday. “I’d like to look at some kind of a path in which those that are here could work through a process and get some kind of a legal status if they meet certain criteria.”

But, the Washington congresswoman said, she won’t rule out a pathway to citizenship, and also stated that she was open to granting a special schedule to the children of immigrants who came to the country illegally.

McMorris Rodgers, who is chairwoman of the Republican Conference, is the latest member of the party’s leadership to indicate opposition to some aspects of comprehensive immigration reform. Oklahoma’s James Lankford, chairman of the House Republican Steering Committee, has expressed skepticism about pursuing a comprehensive immigration deal this year.  


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