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McMullin/A Player to Be Named Later 2016

The campaign of Evan McMullin insists that despite what Politico reported, they’re not stuck with the unknown and not-campaigning Nathan Johnson as his vice-presidential nominee:

McMullin’s electors may simply vote for the person that Mr. McMullin selects as his running mate.

Even if that was not an option and Evan wins the White House, Vice President Johnson may simply resign. Section 2 of the Twenty-fifth Amendment provides the mechanism for President McMullin to then nominate a replacement.

We are the first to acknowledge our strategy, and our campaign, is unconventional. It requires denying Hillary and Trump 270 electoral votes and sending the election to the House of Representatives. This process does not require the VP nominee to be the same on every ballot.

Fuming at the started-late, no-name-ID, operating-on-a-shoestring-budget McMullin and his campaign is probably like getting irked at the local Little League team for not being able to beat the Chicago Cubs.* But it does seem a little odd that when it comes to the decision that’s usually one of a candidate’s most important — who does he trust to have a heartbeat away from the presidency? — the McMullin answer is, “TBD.” 

If McMullin pulled off the extremely unlikely scenario of winning the election after it’s thrown to the House, would he pick a responsible human being and upstanding American as vice-president? Probably. But it symbolizes the topsy-turvy year that some significant number of conservatives looking for another option will pick a candidate having no idea who the vice president would be.

* Update your never-winning anecdotes, folks, the Cubs have the best record in baseball.


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