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McNabb Most Over-Rated…

…according to a piece on a few weeks ago.

Here’s some of it: “And that’s why he earns the Most Overrated Player Award.

On most player ranking lists heading into the season, McNabb was ranked in the top 15-20 players. One had him as the third-best overall, and he is often considered one of the top three or four quarterbacks.

That’s wrong and wrong.

McNabb has never been an accurate passer, doesn’t seem comfortable in the pocket and has a tendency to make bad decisions. That is not how you earn high grades as a quarterback.

To some scouts, McNabb has always been overrated. One recalled giving him a third-round grade coming out of Syracuse. When McNabb was getting all the plaudits, that scout was the one his peers were laughing at.

Now who’s doing the laughing?”


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