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Md. City Looks to Strip GOP Mayor of Power

The Democrat-controlled Annapolis, Md. city council is looking to limit the power of its first Republican mayor in more than 15 years before his term has even started.

Last week, voters elected Mike Pantelides over the Democratic incumbent to make him the city’s first Republican mayor since 1997, but one alderman has already introduced a charter amendment to change Annapolis’s style of government.

By changing its structure to a council-manager government, the council would ensure that Pantelides’ authority would be largely diminished and his position ceremonial; he would have a vote on the city council, but the city manager would report to the council rather than to him.

The alderman, Ross Arnett of Ward 8, said the change has nothing to do with the Republican’s election. “I think that’s the right system,” he said, adding that he supported the idea under the previous mayor.

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