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Me & “The Odd Couple”

I know I talk about Star Trek a lot, but I can’t think of a show that contributed more to the vernacular of my later years in high school than The Odd Couple. Talk about Star Trek back then and you’d invite the same sort of ridicule you get around here. But Odd Couple was huge among most of the guys. I don’t know why most girls didn’t appreciate it. Sure, smaller subsets of us were huge “Young Ones” enthusiasts, for example. But almost everyone knew at least a little “Odd Couple.”

All the guys I’m still friends with from high school can do quote The Odd Couple all of the time. The last time I saw one buddy of mine he even threatened to twist my little rigoletto. Bernaise Barbara, a midget named Harry, the frog wounded by the typewriter, “I shoulda said throat!”…good times, good times.


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