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Me = Saddam

From a reader:

I find your article about denying Saddam a fair trail to be as close to autocracy as possible. Why should those who helped Saddam gain and hold power and to wage war against other nations not be identified and held account to their crimes?

Because your emperor stands to lose if the actions of the previous administrations are exposed. Especially those of the Reagan years. Maybe this would keep him off the dime.

You’re as bad as Saddam; power hungry and greedy. You wish to hide the

sins of your political party and keep the light shining in the face of Americans who don’t see the actions their government takes in corrupting the world. You would stab in the back the liberal founding principals of the constitution. No other nations deserve the same treatment that we would expect from them when people like you are making decisions. If he’s guilty, let him stand a trial and be determined guilty by the world with legitimacy. What would history say if you were not to provide this to him? What would the rest of the world say about American justice?

You are pathetic. Your whole premise is based upon greed, deception, and


[Name withheld]