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Mea Culpa on the HHS Contraceptive Mandate and Students

In a post yesterday, I misread a passage in a Department of Justice brief to mean that the HHS contraceptive mandate doesn’t bear on the insurance coverage that universities provide to their students. On the basis of my hasty misreading, I wrongly opined that Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke’s testimony at a mock hearing didn’t relate to the effect of the HHS mandate.

My improved (but perhaps still inexact) understanding of things is that the relatively small number of universities that provide self-insured plans to their students won’t be covered by the HHS contraceptive mandate but that student plans at universities (including Catholic universities) that arrange for outside insurance will be subject to the HHS contraceptive mandate.

My apologies, to Ms. Fluke and to readers, for my errors (and my thanks to those who called the errors to my attention).


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