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Meanwhile, Back in the War on Terror …

Hezbollah is recovering nicely from this summer’s jihad on Israel with the help of its sponsors in Iran and Syria. (Thanks for the heads-up to Dan McKivergan of the Weekly Standard’s blog.) 

The AP reports (via the NYTimes) that Iran has increased its funding of the terror group that serves as its forward militia by about 100 percent (i.e., up to about $200M per annum); meantime, the porous 233-mile border between Syria and Lebanon provides abundant opportunity for replenishing Hezbollah’s supply of arms.  Not only is the terror group consolidating its position in Lebanon and moving to bring down the weak U.S.-backed government in a transparent Syrian coup; it is also using its Bekaa Valley and Beirut camps to provide paramilitary training for Shiite militias from Iraq — who kill U.S. forces and contribute mightily to the sectarian warfare there.  (As I mentioned in this piece, such training mirrors the instruction Hezbollah has been providing for al Qaeda since the early 1990s.)


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