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Meanwhile in Greece

In Greece, meanwhile, New Democracy, the party that leads the ruling coalition, is accusing its main opposition, SYRIZA, of having terrorist links.

Ekathimerini reports:

A day after police launched a manhunt for a convicted member of the disbanded [leftist] November 17 guerrilla organization who failed to report to police during a furlough, conservative New Democracy, which leads the ruling coalition, accused the leftist opposition SYRIZA of having “well-known links to terrorism,” sparking a furious response from SYRIZA.

“The positions and relations of SYRIZA in connection to terrorism are well-known. After all some of its select cadres remain central witnesses and defense lawyers of the murderers of November 17,” ND said in a particularly strongly-worded statement. “Perhaps this is why SYRIZA didn’t utter a word yesterday about the escape of the murderer Christodoulos Xeros,” the statement added, referring to the missing convict.

ND’s statement was issued in response to an article in the Avgi newspaper, which backs SYRIZA, and which names Antonio Negri, the convicted leader of the disbanded Red Brigades, an Italian terrorist group, as among the supporters of leftist leader Alexis Tsipras.

SYRIZA has denied the allegations, but then there is this from Greek Reporter:

In a posting on Facebook, Petros Tatsopoulos, a member of Greece’s main opposition SYRIZA, said that he submitted his resignation to the party leader Alexis Tsipras on Thursday.

Tatsopoulos, commenting on Christodoulos Xeros’ escape, claimed that some members of his party were sympathetic towards the disbanded Greek terrorist organization, November 17. “There are people within SYRIZA who may be sympathetic to the ideas of these people. I assume that because of their own statements, that they considered Xeros a political prisoner. But this is by no means the dominant view within SYRIZA,” said Tatsopoulos during an interview on Wednesday.

Another denial followed.

Following Tatsopoulos statement, the party secretary Dimitris Vitsas said that “nobody in SYRIZA is either politically or ideologically fond of terrorism.”

I continue to be relieved that the euro-zone crisis is over.