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Medal of Freedom to … Donna Shalala

I have no great brief against Donna Shalala, Sec’y of HHS in the Clinton administration, but a Medal of Freedom?  [Power Line has the story, as does Winfield Myers, who does carry a brief against Sec’y Shalala.]

This is end of President Bush’s administration, probably the last Medals of Freedom he will award.  There is also a very good chance a Democrat will be elected president in November, so now may be the last time a Republican gets to grant this honor to deserving recipients for a very long time.  And this is how the President chooses to use his opportunity?  Could you see a President Obama giving a Medal of Freedom to, say, John Bolton or Elaine Chao?  (Toward the end of his administration, President Clinton honored Jimmy Carter, George McGovern and Jesse Jackson, among others.)

By the way, I looked up the list, here.  Judge Robert Bork, now 81, has never gotten one.  Wouldn’t that have been nice?


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