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Medal of Honor, cont’d

I’ve received a lot of touching tributes in response to the posts on the Medal of Honor. To be clear, I don’t think we should be watering down anything. I just would like to be able to honor the heroes that are still among us.

I am in awe of those who wear or wore the uniform of our country — it was the greatest pleasure of my service to Vice President Cheney to be with him when he met some of the men and women. Given the coming holiday, it is appropriate that we honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and those who were willing to do so.

News today is that John Finn, who was the oldest surviving recipient of the Medal of Honor – he received his citation for his actions on December 7, 1941 – passed away yesterday. He was always humble of the honor, claiming, “What I did I was being paid for.” Well, that’s true of all of our heroes in uniform. It doesn’t make them any less heroic.

On this Memorial Day weekend, it is best to heed the call of one of my correspondents, who writes: “I would suggest a call to honor all those, decorated or not, whose heroism may lie beneath notice, except by their comrades in arms.”

And a special apology to all those Marines out there who noticed I didn’t capitalize the M in my first post.


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