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The Media and Abortion: Worse than You Think

So, I’m eavesdropping on the staff of a largish mainstream-media outlet next door (the press working spaces at the DNC are separated by curtains) and got a good earful of liberal asininity. 

The pro-lifers are out in force in Charlotte, displaying very graphic images of small human beings cut up in the name of sexual convenience. I find the images difficult to look at, and I am not the only one. 

So the geniuses in the tent next door were declaring that these images are somehow fake or exaggerated (what do you think a baby a few months away from birth looks like chopped up), and were complaining that the pro-lifer protesters should not be allowed to bring their children along. Specifically, one lady said, “That’s child abuse!” 

It takes a special kind of moral illiteracy to look at that poster of a small person butchered and then to conclude that bringing your kids along to protest that state-sanctioned violence is the child abuse.


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