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Media Follies

I’m working on a piece for the magazine on the unravelling of much of the mainstream media over the last two weeks. I have plenty of examples in mind, some obvious, others less so, but since I was running around so much at the conventions, I’m sure I missed some doozies. Shoot me an e-mail (Subject: “MSM” email or offer your suggestions in the comments below. Sources and links always appreciated. And if you think the press lived up to the highest ideals and principles of the profession, happy to hear you make your case. 

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Unsurprisingly for the former host of The Apprentice, Donald Trump has given us every variety of firing. There have been necessary firings (at three weeks, the ouster of Michael Flynn was long overdue), cruel firings (Rex Tillerson, check out Twitter), and spectacularly ill-advised firings (the cashiering of ... Read More
Politics & Policy

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Conor Lamb’s success has revived interest in “I’m personally opposed, but.” It’s a rhetorical convention — a cliché, really — that many Catholic Democrats have resorted to ever since Mario Cuomo popularized it with his speech at Notre Dame in 1984, as Alexandra DeSanctis explained a few days ... Read More