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They whine that I took Kerry’s quote about not being changed by 9/11 out of context. This is Brockian b.s. — if that’s not redundant. Read their write-up yourself. They seem to think the full quote exonerates Kerry. I don’t think it does. Honestly I don’t see it. In fact, I think it makes Kerry look like an enormous arrogant liar with bad judgement because he did next to nothing before 9/11 to make it remotely less likely, he said nothing of import about terrorism, warned against al Qaeda almost not at all, and defended Clinton’s policies toward Bin Laden. Indeed, as a testament to my honesty about this I offer my Goldberg File from Monday in which I in fact quoted Kerry in the full context they demand of my syndicated column.

For the record, the only reason I didn’t quote Kerry in full was that I didn’t have room in my syndicated column, which has a very strict word count. Indeed, before I used the full quote in the Goldberg File, it was posted in the Corner and discussed at length by several of us. No one here at NRO, as far as I know, thinks the full context is remote exculpatory and the partisans at Media Matters don’t make any expert to argue how it would or could be.