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Media Matters Sics All 45 of Its Researchers on Bill O’Reilly

After years of bashing unsuccessfully against the top cable news network in America, left-wing watchdog Media Matters smells blood.

According to a report from Politico’s Dylan Byers, Media Matters — which has for the last few years been almost singularly focused on highlighting a perceived conservative bias at Fox News — has assigned all 45 of its research employees on researching Fox host Bill O’Reilly’s decades-long history as a journalist. 

“It’s all hands on deck,” founder David Brock told Politico on Thursday. “This is a moving target. We’re not done.”

O’Reilly came under fire last week after a story by Mother Jones’s David Corn alleged that — like NBC’s Brian Williams — The O’Reilly Factor host misrepresented his time as a correspondent in the Falkland Islands war zone. 

O’Reilly vehemently denies that report and Fox News has stood by its employee, despite additional allegations claiming the host lied about his time as a war correspondent in El Salvador. But that hasn’t deterred Media Matters from its frantic digging.

“We start our day at 5 A.M. and go ’til midnight,” said Bradley Beychock, the watchdog group’s president. “This guy has had a long journalism career, so there’s a lot of material. Once we’ve gone through all that material, we’ll decide how to proceed. But we don’t plan to back up one inch at this moment.”

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