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Meet Joe Kyrillos

Over at the Campaign Spot, Jim reports on Senator Menendez’s “November surprise.”

No poll this cycle has shown incumbent Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., ahead by less than nine percentage points, and he’s ahead by 18 to 22 points in most recent polls.

Of course, all of those polls were taken before the Daily Caller reported that two women in the Dominican Republic are claiming he paid them for sex earlier this year. The senator denies the claims.

Menendez is running against Republican state senator Joe Kyrillos. Kyrillos sat down with NRO at a Jersey diner in May.

Kyrillos, an even-tempered fellow, is confident that he can defeat Menendez and give New Jersey its first elected Republican senator since Clifford Case left office in 1979. The latest polls hint at Menendez’s soft statewide support. “I know I’m the underdog and I have a lot of work to do,” Kyrillos says as he reads the diner’s large, laminated menu. “But I’m running against a very weak incumbent.”

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