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Meet the New No. 3 at DOJ, Formerly the Attorney for ‘American Taliban’ John Walker Lindh

At the Washington Free Beacon, Adam Kredo reports that President Obama has quietly promoted Tony West to acting Associate Attorney General, the Justice Department’s No. 3 slot. West will be a key counterterrorism policy maker, including on Gitmo detainees. His claim to fame, besides raising millions of dollars for Obama’s 2008 campaign, was his zealous representation of John Walker Lindh, the “American Taliban” convicted a decade ago of material support to terrorism.

Because West’s new job is an “acting” position, he’ll be performing it without Senate confirmation. But no big whup: Back in 2009, Republicans joined Democrats in droves to confirm West to head DOJ’s Civil Division — by an 82-4 margin, even more lopsided than the 75-21 vote by which they joined with Democrats to confirm Eric Holder as attorney general.  


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