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Meg at Bay

Meg Whitman has stalled out over the issue of immigration:

For Meg Whitman, it never should have been this tough — or, for that matter, this expensive. Whitman, a former eBay chief executive, has burned through $68 million from her personal fortune in the run-up to California’s GOP gubernatorial primary on June 8. All that cash, she thought, would build up a comfy lead. For a while, it did. A March poll from the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California pegged her as a near-sure thing — up 50 points, with her 30-second meet-Meg spots as ubiquitous on California televisions as Law & Order. Now, thanks to her wobbly stance on illegal immigration and growing conservative skepticism, her campaign has become the Spruce Goose of California politics — too big to fly.

In Steve Poizner’s latest ad, he ties Whitman to Mexican president Felipe Calderón:

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