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Megachurches — Hold The God

Lots of readers have had similar reactions:

Jonah, Liberalism is indeed much like a religion, and in fact it already has it’s churches. They’re called Universities, and they are indeed part of a vast left-wing conspiracy which provides “leadership training or discussions on progressive issues.” In fact, discussion on progressive issues is about all that one can get at many major universities.


And a friend makes this argument:

Dear Jonah, Isn’t that what our modern arts institutions are supposed to be? The museum, as we know it, was invented in the eighteenth and nineteenth century as our intellectuals left God behind. Similarly our concert halls no longer hallow God through the works played there, as they did in Bach’s day. Art, as a distinct thing, done for its own sake is at the heart of the Romantic religion. Isn’t Lincoln Center the Cathedral of New York’s elite? (At least it used to be. Not sure the rising generation of power-brokers still cares about that kind of art).

What if this Kos thing is a Reformation? Liberals don’t get enough affirmation and hand-holding in universities and museums — which are elitist after all. Maybe Kos’ idea is to provide a more personal and unfiltered experience?


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