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Mekong, Mississippi, What’s The Diff?

John Kerry, campaigning

down in the great state of Louisiana (peace be upon it), took one look at

the marshes and thought of — wait for it — Vietnam!

From Reuters:

Standing at the bow of a 25-foot power craft called “Fishing Magician”

inspecting coastal erosion in southern Louisiana reminded Kerry of his days

as commander of a Navy “swift” boat 35 years ago.

“I looked out at the shoreline and I commented that parts of it looked a lot

like the rivers and coastline that I went through in Vietnam,” the

Massachusetts senator said.

He told about 100 supporters sweltering in the heat on the banks of the

Mississippi that he had spent a lot of time “in a habitat that looked a

little like this” as a young Naval officer. He said the 50-foot gunboat he

commanded was built “right here in Louisiana.”

We know politicians are self-aggrandizing panderers, but this just takes the

cake. However, I will say that deep southern Louisiana has, in fact,

attracted a large number of Vietnamese immigrant fishermen, who came to live

there precisely because it reminded them of back home. So Kerry’s not

entirely off the mark. Except you know he had that remark ready to go before

he landed in New Orleans.


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