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The Fifth Avenue Principle, in Force

Not every statement that trips from Donald Trump’s mouth is true, but this one was: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose voters.” He wouldn’t lose his core, the Trump army, that’s for sure.

Trump said he had no choice but to employ foreigners at his club in Florida — because you just can’t get Americans to do the work. Normally, the Right goes nuts about this. They have assailed this view for years.

But from Trump? All is forgiven. Or overlooked. Or justified.

I imagine the Fifth Avenue principle — as I call it — applies to Melania, too. In explaining the plagiarism in Mrs. Trump’s address, the Trump campaign said, “A person she has always liked is Michelle Obama.”

This would not be forgiven a Republican wife: a Mrs. Rubio or a Mrs. Bush or a Mrs. Jindal. (I think the Christies are cool with the Trump army now.) But Mrs. T., la belle Slovene?

The Kim family that rules North Korea must drool over such loyalty and adoration.


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