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Melting Joe

Snow and Global Warming

By Brian McCabe on October 23, 2003

NH Public Radio Web Site

On the heels of the decision not to participate in the Iowa caucuses, Joe Lieberman must surely have been disappointed to see he stands at just 3 percent in New Hampshire, according to the just released Franklin Pierce College poll.

The Lieberman campaign’s lack of traction isn’t so surprising after observing their tactics today in Concord. In the middle of a cold, windy day — with the first snow of the year falling all around them — a team of young Lieberman supporters were promoting the fact that their man fights global warming. Apparently oblivous to the large white flakes around them, an observer noted, “It’s snowing!” Unabashed, one young supporter replied, “That’s because of global warming!”

If the current polls and message are any indication, the Lieberman campaign will continue to melt away just as quickly as this first coating of snow.


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