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Memories of the Akaka Bill

I’ve about given up hope on the Sessions for Republican Policy Chair campaign (but then the Senate wouldn’t be the Senate if it didn’t frustrate and disappoint now would it?). But the Akaka bill is another reminder of the importance of that Policy slot. Jon Kyl from his perch there was one of the leading opponents of that race-based Hawaii bill. If you were say a Senate staffer looking for information on why one would oppose such a thing, if it didn’t come from NR/NRO, Heritage, or John Fund, it came from Jon Kyl’s policy shop. And the man and his team got it around … or that bill would have passed months ago.


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Evicting the Constitution

Evicting the Constitution

Biden decided it’s easier to take the politically expedient path, even one that exceeds legal authority, rather than undertake the tough work of governing.